Friday, May 22, 2015

Warning about E15 fuel for marine engines

Boat owners in many states now need to be very cautious when filling up their boats engine or fuel tank with gasoline. E15 fuel is now available in many states but it has not been approved for use in marine engines. E15 stands for gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol. Gasoline blended with ethanol can cause issues with some engines because ethanol is fairly corrosive to rubber and some metals so it can damage certain engine components. Ethanol also attracts and bonds with water which can separate inside the fuel tank.  If the fuel sits for long periods of time without use this can clog or damage various engine components. Most small engines are not designed to handle the more corrosive E15 fuel and two stroke engines in particular have more potential issues as they run hotter than 4 stroke engines. Using a fuel stabilizer can reduce the water separation but the best bet is to avoid using the E15 in uncertified engines until the manufacturers modify the engines or provide additional information as more analysis is done.


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